SCAM: False Pennsylvania Department of Labor Compliance Poster Notices

Beware Of False Pennsylvania Department of Labor Compliance Poster Notices

Universal Registered Agents (URA) verified with Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry if one of our clients received a suspect solicitation containing the words: “Labor Law Compliance Notice.”

The form advises our client to pay a document fee of $84 and states the following compliance language:

“Your business is required by Federal Law to post a current compliant labor law poster in the workplace.”

Here’s a redacted image from page one of the letter:

false pennsylvania department of labor compliance poster notices

Page two of the solicitation describes legal information the state and federal compliance poster contains:

  • Compliant 2017 Federal Poster English & Spanish Version
  • Compliant 2017 State Poster English & Spanish Version (Labor Code 3550)
  • National Labor Relations Act
  • State Disability Insurance
  • Sexual Harassment Information Sheets
  • Workers Compensation Rights & Benefits

Pennsylvania’s Department Of Labor & Industry Does Not Charge Fees For These Mandatory Posters

Here’s the verbatim email reply from Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry to URA after we questioned the solicitation’s legitimacy and trustworthiness:

“The Department of Labor & Industry does not charge for these mandatory posters. They are all free from this site:

“We have no connection with private companies selling the posters that are published for free.  We attempt to spread word on a regular basis that there is no obligation for people to purchase posters and have been apprised of these mailings previously.”

It’s worth noting The Department of Labor & Industry added the bold formatting to the words “not charge” in its email response.

In case your business would like to request free copies of these compliance posters, call Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry office at 717-783-8794.

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