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  • Technology and innovation should not be mutually exclusive.
    Everyone says “they know how to treat their customer”. We know how our customer wants to be treated. Subtle difference? We don’t think so.

    With 30 plus years legal industry experience we operate under a simple plan; give our clients respect, provide great service, charge a fair price, and build better mousetraps.

Meet Our Team

Kent Rockwell, CEO

With a proven track record of success and 18 plus years industry experience, Kent knows how to create and drive marketing and sales strategies, align resources, and develop action plans to achieve desired goals.  Kent has spent years building outstanding teams, working closely with executive management to provide insight into the business strategy, and planning overall directives.  Kent is a veteran of NRAI.  During his time with NRAI, Kent was paramount in building the sales and marketing efforts and positioning NRAI as a market leader by directing all sales and marketing including print and video advertising, internal publications, and coordination of external campaigns.  “NRAI gave me a chance to do what I enjoy; working with clients and managing employees.  I really enjoyed acting as a key voice of the customer.”  As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kent developed the sales and marketing plan as well as company policy for NRAI.  Kent enhanced brand awareness by evolving a consistent, unified brand message and strategy.  Additionally, he ensured compliance with EEO and other federal regulations and managed multi-million dollar budgets.

Kent’s passion for the “start-up world” was instrumental in the growth of NRAI and the successful acquisition of four companies with ROIs in the first few years, each acquisition lending itself to the overall corporate strategy.  His knowledge of the industry and the relationships he has made give him the ability to evaluate current market conditions and see potential market opportunities.

Kent is married with 3 children and resides in Overland Park, Kansas.


Will Cleaver, CTO

With 20 years of information technology experience covering infrastructure management, project management, product development, team management and development, and application sales, Will’s passion is for the ever changing world and challenges of IT.  His experience and continued growth in these paths has allowed him to build a knowledge base of how best to first understand, then design and build applications which impact people and businesses in a positive manner.  “Throughout my career, I’ve worked as the ‘Presenter of Information,’ both upstream and downstream.  I have proven my ability to understand complex situations, both technical and personality based, and to translate those complexities into solutions to achieve the goals at hand.  I’ve spent time working with clients one-on-one and with client groups to determine inefficiencies in existing workflows and applications and to create new applications that address gaps.”  Will has the ability to bring resources together and to adjust and change as demands dictate.

His passion and leadership not only play out in his career, but outside of the office.  “I am one of the founding members of a non-profit called Operation BBQ Relief.  Operation BBQ Relief was born while providing meals to the people of Joplin after the tornado of May, 2011.  To date, we have provided relief to 10 different disaster areas, preparing and serving over 300,000 meals.  It’s been a humbling experience to say the least.”  You can find more information about Operation BBQ Relief at

Will is married with 4 children and resides in Shawnee, Kansas.


Joseph K. Winrich, Executive Vice President, Legal

With 25 years of experience as a corporate paralegal and legal professional, Joe combines a love of technology with a strong legal background.  Most recently as Director of Legal Research for NRAI, Joe was responsible for maintaining a 50 state Service of Process (“SOP”) network.  This included agent relations, contract negotiations, and problem resolution.  Additionally, Joe maintained an online 50-state document library containing filing forms, precedent materials, and outlines for use by NRAI clients; including research and advice on complex document preparation.  “I really enjoyed the complexities that sometimes arose when researching legal matters for our clients and partners, both internal and external.”

While at NRAI, Joe was fundamental to the growth of their independent director business.  Joe worked with the General Counsel and outside counsel to negotiate the terms of the appointment contract.  He reviewed transactional documents for potential liability and appropriate responsibilities for the independent personnel.  Additionally, he responded to requests for action by the independent personnel once appointed.

Joe is married with 2 children and resides in Townshend, Vermont.


Rob Cook, Vice President Sales and Marketing

With a Juris Doctorate from Creighton University School of Law and 15 plus years of business development and media experience, Rob has combined his knowledge of the legal world with his passion for business development.  Over the past 15 years, Rob’s drive has taken him from outside sales, to sales management, to VP of Web Products, to Media Executive.  Rob’s most recent focus has been media based, working in the business to consumer market promoting food source awareness, knowledge, and transparency.

“I’ve always enjoyed clarifying the message, whether it’s clarity between business and consumers or business to business. Combining the clarity with the brand and messaging is key in today’s overcrowded marketplace.  There are so many different players within the legal market, the consumer gets lost.  The biggest challenge businesses face is making the connection with their consumers and making the connection stick.  That’s where we come in.  There is nothing better than going into a business, learning what they are about and helping them to promote their uniqueness in an overcrowded market so they stand out.”

Rob is married with 2 children and resides in Overland Park, Kansas.

Our Skill Set

  • Independent Director
    Corporate Services
    Application Development
  • Registered Agent
    Entity Management
    Sales Coaching