Articles of Organization/Formation

Quickly and easily place an order for a Certified Copy of your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization (sometimes called Articles of Formation). 

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What do I do if I lost my Articles of Organization?

Losing your Articles of Organization for your business can be a stressful situation, but is actually not uncommon. Many businesses receive only a digital copy of their formation documents upon initial formation and often the documents have been lost in former email accounts or old computers.

But fear not, getting a copy of your Articles is actually fairly simple. Our easy online ordering means that you can quickly (sometimes within an hour) have a copy of your original document directly from the state where your business was registered. 

What is the Articles of Organization?

The articles of organization is a legal document that officially establishes the existence of a limited liability company (LLC) or similar business entity.

Filing the articles of organization with the appropriate state agency is typically one of the first steps in forming an LLC or similar entity, and it is a requirement for legal recognition and operation of the business.

To put it in the most simple terms, think of the Articles of Organization as the birth certificate for your company.

What information does the Articles of Incorporation include?

It outlines essential details about the company, such as its name, purpose, business address, management structure, registered agent, and sometimes its duration.

It is a common misconception that the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization includes ownership details about the business. Typically those details are not included in the Articles document.

Do I need a copy of my Articles of Organization?

It is a good idea to have a copy of both your Articles of Orgnaization and your EIN Number information from the IRS stored in a safe location. Ideally, have a printed copy saved in a fireproof location and a digital copy stored somewhere you know you will always have access to.

How much does it cost to get one?

A Certified Copy costs $50 plus the state fee. State fees vary. To view the state fee, select your state from the order form and the fee will be shown. 

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