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What is a registered agent?

A registered agent serves as a third-party representative within the state and receives correspondence from the Secretary of state, service of process documents, and official notifications from the government, such as notice of lawsuits or tax forms, for the LLC or corporation. They accept and forward this correspondence to the entity it represents.

All states now require a business owner or operator to name a registered agent.

Do I need a registered agent?

Ask yourself these questions:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a registered agent may be a valuable asset to your business. 

What does a registered agent do?

A registered agent’s primary function is to accept service of process. In the event that you or your business is sued or involved in legal proceedings, legal documents will need to be officially served to notify you of impending court proceedings. This is almost always done in person by a process server.

The notification has to be done in an official manner to provide proof to the court that you were notified and allow for due process. Typically, these legal documents include a summons and a complaint. Once the registered agent accepts the service, he or she will then notify you as the business owner.

The individual must be available during business hours to accept the service in order to fulfill their duties and their name and address will be published with your company information.

Why Hire a Registered Agent

Do I need one for my LLC?

Yes, all states now require all entity types to appoint a registered agent. This means that whether you have an LLC, corporation, partnership, or non-profit, you have to name one.

How much does it cost to get one?

Our service is $129 per year and includes instant access to our entity management workspace and compliance tools. 

Can I be my own registered agent?

Yes, but it’s often not recommended, especially for privacy reasons. You can learn more about the risks by checking out our blog post on the subject.

We are also sometimes asked if your spouse can be your registered agent. Again, it is not recommended for many of the same reasons.

How to Change Your Registered Agent

Switching registered agents is simple and can be done anytime. If you are interested in becoming a URA client, we’ll cover the state fee to do so! We make it easy. Give us a call at (855)236-9172 to get started.

How to Maintain Your Registered Agent Services

Think of your registered agent as your business’s legal guardian, always watching over its well-being.

Just like you wouldn’t neglect regular checkups for your health, maintaining your service is equally vital. Forgetting to update contact information, letting fees lapse, or even switching agents thoughtlessly can have serious consequences. Missed legal documents, service of process failures, and non-compliance penalties can derail your business, costing you time, money, and potentially even its legitimacy.

Consider it a small investment in safeguarding your business’s future, ensuring smooth operations, and avoiding unnecessary legal headaches.

Simplify compliance with our seamless registered agent services, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

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