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Whether you’ve been operating as a sole proprietorship or you’re running with a new idea, forming a C-Corp will give you flexibility in profit allocation, unlimited shareholders, the benefit of legal precedents, and more.

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We offer incorporation services in every state. We just need a few details about you and your C-Corp and then you sit back while we handle all the paperwork and communication with the state.

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Once we have finalized forming your new corporation, we send you all the paperwork you need to run your C-Corp and prove its existence.

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Simply fill out this form and our corporate specialists will get started with the incorporation process for your selected state. We’ll be in touch shortly to collect additional state specific details.

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Ready to start your C-Corp? Let URA take care of everything. Learn more about the incorporation process here.

Why Start a C-Corp?

Advantages of C-Corps

There are many advantages to C-Corp’s for business owners. We’d encourage you to speak with your attorney or accountant before determining what type of entity is best for your business.