Do You Need Multiple Registered Agents for Your Multistate Business?

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Registered agents are a necessity for businesses, but do you need more than one? If you have a business and are considered expanding to include locations outside of your original state of incorporation, or if your business already has locations in multiple states, you might be wondering if you need to have a registered agent in each state.

The good news is that you can simply use one registered agent service, like Universal Registered Agents, provided they are in the states in which you have business locations. URA has a robust network and is available in all 50 states.


While you certainly can choose to have multiple registered agents, using one keeps things streamlined. Successful business owners thrive by working smart and making processes efficient. Using a single registered agent for your multistate business does just that. Paperwork will come from the same place, billing will be centralized, and you will only have one company or contact that you will have to work with for your registered agent services.

Economic Sense

Most multistate registered agent services will offer larger businesses with multiple locations a discounted rate. While you certainly cannot expect to get free services, you may be surprised with a nice discount as a result of the multiple lines of business you are giving your registered agent company. At the very least, billing will be consolidated, which makes making payments easier.

Less Room For Error

When you use one registered agent, also known as a statutory agent, you won’t have to juggle paperwork coming from different agents. Since important paperwork will all be received by the same company, you will know what to look for and you will be familiar with that company’s processes. This familiarity helps to eliminate the possibility of errors.

Compliance Ready

Registered agent services need to be reliable and up to speed with current laws and regulations because businesses depend on them. Registered agent services that have been successful enough to expand into multiple states — or even nationwide — are familiar with these requirements, and they work to stay on top of them to provide you with the service you need.

Expansion Opportunities

Choosing a registered agent company that has a large network with registered agents available throughout the country can be a beneficial choice now and in the future. For example, if your business should continue to grow and expand into another new state, you will be able to easily add the new location on to your registered agent services.

Available Nationwide

Finding a registered agent you can trust can be a tall order. However, when you do find a company that offers everything you need, check to see if they offer their services in multiple states. This can be beneficial in the future as your business grows — you never know where your success will take you!

Universal Registered Agents offers nationwide registered agent services. Contact us today at 855-236-9172 to get started.

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