How to Select a Registered Agent Service for Your Business

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When you are considering the different vendors you need to hire in the creation of your new business, hiring a registered agent should be a priority on your list. With such an important role in your business, you may be struggling with what to consider and how to choose a registered agent.

The job of a registered agent is to be available to accept service of process, handle the acceptance and delivery of important legal documents, and offer a publicly published address to which your business can receive aforementioned legal documents.

As you can see, a registered agent serves an important role in your business. Fortunately, there are qualities that you can look for in a registered agent that will make selecting one for your business a breeze.

Choose a Reputable Company

Although you theoretically can serve as your own registered agent, or even simply someone you know, it is best to hire a third-party registered agent service to handle this job for your business.

Finding a registered agent service that has a good reputation is important. There are often deadlines in which documents need to be filed, and you have to put trust in your registered agent to accept and deliver these documents for you so that you can handle the information appropriately.

For example, if your business is sued, and your registered agent accepts service of process on behalf of your business, you will want to know about this in a timely manner so that you can consult with your legal counsel and respond appropriately.

Knowing you can trust your registered agent to complete their job properly is paramount. Choose a registered agent who has a reputation for being trustworthy.

Select an Experienced Registered Agent

When evaluating different registered agent companies, finding a registered agent service that is experienced is equally as important as selecting one that is reputable.

Though on the outset, it may appear that a registered agent’s job is simple, the reality is that their job puts them in charge of handling incredibly important documents that must be promptly delivered. An inexperienced registered agent may not know how critical some of the documents they handle can be.

Value-Added Benefits

As a business owner, you are busy. Anything that can make taking care of your business easier is certainly a benefit. When choosing a registered agent, find out if they offer value-added benefits. These benefits can include electronic communication, such as automatic email-alerts and reminders. It can also include other digital services like scanning and emailing important documents so you can view them immediately before the physical copies arrive.

Customer Service is Still Important

As with any vendor, you want to feel respected and appreciated as a customer. When selecting a registered agent service, choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. Though you won’t interact with your registered agent that frequently, you want to know that you are valued as a customer and not simply treated as a paycheck.

Need a Registered Agent?

Now that you are armed with some information about how to select your registered agent, we hope that you will find us fit to serve as your business’s registered agent. Give us a call today at (855) 236-9172 or order registered agent services here. We look forward to working with you!

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